Updated: Jun 6th, 2017


Jerzy (utility pianist) is an experienced solo pianist and overall covered the gig very well. He has a great attitude towards the guests and was positive throughout his contract. Only a small note regarding time keeping and making sure to arrive at an assignment with enough time to be completely set up and ready to play. Thanks Jerzy nad have great vacation.

Peter Creasey - Bandmaster, Gavin Chandler - Cruise Director
November 26, 2009 Sun Princess

Jerzy is one of our Atrium/utility panist here on the Island Princess. I have worked with Jerzy before, and have always been extremely happy with his overall performance level. Jerzy played in the Atrium, Wheelhouse, Beyou Cafe, for tea time, church services and weddings. He is a very talented soloist, and is dependable, flexible, and reliable. Jerzy always conducts himself in a professional manner on and off the stage. It is always pleasure to have this talented musician in our department.

Frank Saffiotti - Bandmaster, Billy Hygate - Cruise Director
January 23, 2009 Island Princess

Jerzy completed his contract without negative incident. He was proficient at his job and covered the weddings professionally. Jerzy is welcome back anytime.

Doug Tann - Bandmaster, Lee Childers - Cruise Director
November 2, 2007 Diamond Princess

Jerzy was dependable in shipboard duties, Weddings, Tea, Atrium Deck 7 and traditional Atrium sets. It was a pleasure tp work with him. We wish him luck on the Diamond Princess.

Steve Lee - Bandmaster, Gavin Chandler - Cruise Director
June 17, 2007 Dawn Princess
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