Updated: Jun 6th, 2017

Personal Details

Dress Code:

  • Full Tuxedo (& black tie)
  • Half Tuxedo (including white jacket)
  • Stage Dress Red Jacket; Black Club Jacket; Evening Suit
  • Casual to suit occasion

Personal Equipment:

  • Korg Workstation Keyboard, Drum Machine and Mini Disc Multi Function.
  • P.A. System Bell 250 Watts (real power) Amp. and Mixing Desk.
  • Speakers Hughes & Kettner
  • Microphones Shure SM 58

Musical Styles and Presentation:

  • Dining Room: Light Classical, Standards and Seasonal.
  • Lobby: Easy Listening, Background and Requests.
  • Piano Bar: All types of songs and music from all eras including, standards, ballads, Rock'n'Roll, modern popular songs and up tempo.
  • Ballroom: Strict tempo for dance. Tea dance.

Additional Information:

I am non smoker, virtual non drinker, and in good general health. I am flexible and understanding in adapting to changing circumstances, as requested. I am entirely reliable and dependable.

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